frequency signal & PWM  generated
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frequency signal & PWM generated
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frequency signal & PWM  generated

Product Description

เป็นอุปกรณ์ สร้าง pulse สำหรับ ควบควมการหมุน ของ Stepping motor  และ Servo motor   โดยไม่ต้อง สร้างPulse จาก PLC Micro หรือ PC

   กำหนด และปรับ ความเร็ว ได้ 3 ช่วง ความถี่ 

   คือ   High: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ     Mid : 590HZ-15.8KHZ      Low: 82HZ-2.3KHZ,  


Simple stepper motor drive controller / speed reversing control / pulse generator / PWM controller occurs

This section controller, the original features remain unchanged, increasing the function of the PWM signal can be generated, the board has a jumper, you can set the option, the default is set to generate a pulse frequency of the signal. Generating a pulse frequency signal REQ   and   PWM  is  PWM  signal is generated .


Product Description: 

1, this module is the pulse generator module, supplied as a stepper drive signal. To control a stepper motor, it must be equipped with the drive down. 

This simple controller + stepper drive + stepper motor + DC power supply can be composed of a set of simple control platform. 

The controller now has high, medium and low frequency signals of three kinds of needles can be used to jump choices about frequency parameter are: 

High: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ 

Mid : 590HZ-15.8KHZ 

Low: 82HZ-2.3KHZ, 

Frequency of measurement: PUL and the amount of shade can end (GND) two ports. 

2, PUL + and PUL-are the positive and negative pulses; EN + and EN-enabled client is positive and negative; DIR + and DIR-are the positive and negative directions. These six lines were connected to the drive pulse corresponding direction, so that six-port capacity. Note that if you want to use to open or stop function, ENA on the controller side must enable common cathode or common anode connected to the drive 

3,2 set of power input, two groups received only a power supply. 

One set is connected to a DC power supply 15-160VDC. 

Another group is 5-12VDC. If you are using 5-12VDC power supply being connected "5-12V into the" negative power supply connection "common cathode side." 

4, motor reversing and stopping can be opened over keys to control. 

5, the speed of the motor can be controlled by changing the frequency adjusting potentiometer. 

6, positive and open to stop the motor switch turned ordinary switch with self-locking.


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